Thursday, October 6, 2011

Capturing the memories of your pet with a painted pet portrait

There are framed photos of my beloved four-legged family dotting the walls in my home. Each one reminds me of different kodak moments we have shared. The other day, I had the wonderful experience of connecting with Karen Vaisman, who shared with me another way to cherish, celebrate, and commemorate a much loved pet. Karen's artistic expertise magically transforms a photo of your beloved pet into a magnificent painting. I have a special wall in the kitchen filled with keepsakes from Casey and Sophie that would be a perfect spot for this memorial keepsake.

Established in 1990, Karen's Photography Studio has been serving families in the Conejo Valley capturing memories that are treasured. Her love of children, the important bonds of family and her joy of pet photography is evident in her work. She specializes in unique art pieces, large wall portraits, canvases and custom designed albums. Give her a ring and order your holiday portraits today:)


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  2. Thank you for the lovely article, Claire! I adore photographing pets. You can see more of my work at - my pet link - feel free to call me to discuss your personal pet photographic needs. (818) 991-7787 - Studio located in the Conejo Valley - Agoura Hills, CA. Looking forward to meeting you!